If you’re looking for someone who can MC, perform, and entertain the guests as your gala or banquet, then IAMSOULFUL is the ideal choice. A young, witty, and talented artist who has the natural ability to captivate an audience beyond the opening remarks(and dinner!). Having MC’d events for charities and universities across Canada, IAMSOULFUL is always open to new ideas and is flexible with whatever is asked of him. TheSoulfulPoet writes his own scripts tailored to your event! Whether is a joyful occasion or a sombre one, TheSoulfulPoet will bring raw emotion and personality to your upcoming event!


IAMSOULFUL is a main stage performer with experience performing his work to a very diverse variety of audiences. Having performed on main stages in Toronto, Ottawa, and the US, IAMSOULFUL ensures that the audience leaves the show entertained, enlightened, and fulfilled. IAMSOULFUL has opened for artists such as Jae Deen, Khaled Siddiq, and Essam Muhammad. With the incredible variety of messages, songs and pieces at his disposal, IAMSOULFUL tailors his performance set just the way you like! Whether it’s for children and youth or a mixed crowd, IAMSOULFUL's performances are never to be missed.


IAMSOULFUL is a Main-Stage performing, Poetry Slam winning spoken word artist and rapper who uses his talent as a wordsmith to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to become the best versions of themselves. IAMSOULFUL released his debut album titled "Thorns" that highlights his journey re-discovering his love for art and pushing through the obstacles that were in front of him. His first Hip-Hop Album discusses his journey as a young, 1st-generation immigrant find his way in with identity, relationships, and life in a place where he is different. He also sheds light on social, humanitarian, and environmental issues in his workshops. Being a youth worker by profession, IAMSOULFUL's ability to captivate audiences through his enticing videos and deep discussion points, anyone who's heard IAMSOULFUL live has left feeling as though they've learned something new. IAMSOULFUL customizes his speeches to accommodate for every venue and demographic he speaks to, and performs exclusive spoken word pieces at every workshop.  


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